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DAIKIN NEOFLON PFA AP-201SH (AP201SH) in Resin Pellet

NEOFLON PFA AP-201SH is a highly flowable and fully fluorinated resin.
It is suitable for injection molding of complicated shape products and extrusion molding of thin wall electric wire.



 AP-201SH is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkylvinylether. 

 - High purity PFA with terminal groups fully fluorinated. 

- Good melt flowability while maintaining excellent properties of PTFE. It can be melt-molded as a thermoplastic resin by injection molding and extrusion molding. 

- Suitable for injection molding of complicated shaped products and extrusion molding of thin-walled electric wires. It is used for small parts of a semiconductor. 

- Less fluoride ions due to the fluorinated terminal group. 

- Excellent chemical resistance which is not affected by most of the chemicals. 

- It retains flexibility without losing toughness under the environment from cryogenic to high temperature. 

- Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent in a wide range of temperature and frequency. 

- It shows high electrical resistance and dielectric strength. 

- Nonflammable like POLYFLON PTFE and NEOFLON FEP. 

- Excellent weather resistance. No properties change even when exposed outside for a long time. 

- Non-stickiness. It shows excellent releasability and water repellency / oil repellency




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