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SYENSQO ECTFE Halar 6514 Fluoropolymers

ECTFE Halar 6514 is a black, semi-crystalline melt processable fluorinated primer.


Halar® 6514 is a black, semi-crystalline melt processable fluorinated primer. It is designed to be applied directly to substrates by electrostatic or fluidized bed techniques. In particular Halar® 6514 is recommended for use as a primer in protection and anti-corrosion applications. 
Halar® 6514 provides optimum and rapid bonding and can be used to maximize topcoat adhesion performance. It also exhibits both outstanding permeation and flame resistance, very good thermal properties and very good chemical resistance. 
Main features of Halar® 6514 include: 
- Black color 
- Optimum and rapid adhesion 
- Outstanding permeation resistance 
- Optimum flame resistance 
- Very good thermal properties 
- Very good chemical resistance

Product functions: Low VOC, Sour Gas Resistant, Alkali Resistant, Acid Resistant, Alcohol Resistant, Detergent Resistant, Hydrolysis Resistant, Low Moisture Absorption, Dielectric Properties, Flame Retardant, High Hardness, Creep Resistant, Good Impact Resistant, Low CLTE, UV Resistant, Radiation (Gamma) Resistant, Good Adhesion, Autoclave Sterilizable (steam), E-beam Sterilizable, Radiation Sterilizable, Ethylene Oxide Sterilizable, Heat Sterilizable, Low Temperature Flexibility, High Heat Resistant.




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