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AGC Fluon ETFE TL-581(TL581) Fluoropolymers powder

AGC Fluon ETFE TL-581 is is a tough fluoropolymer that has chemical resistance and electrical properties comparable to typical fluoropolymers,


  • The characteristics of Fluon®ETFE provide the superior solution, in terms of cost reduction compared to the use of other fluoropolymers, or improved performance if replacing conventional materials.

     Fuctions and Features 

     Extrusion, injection molding and powder coating using ETFE are generally possible, similar to general thermoplastic resins, leaving the inherent characteristics of fluoropolymers unchanged. Filming, heat-sealing, composition with rubber and various secondary processes are also possible.

    Stable mechanical electrical properties are maintained over a wide range of temperatures, -200 - +180°C. Continuous service at 150°C is possible.

   It exhibits outstanding chemical resistance to nearly all chemical substances, including strongly-acidic and strongly-alkaline substances.


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